Why Join

Meetings that offer information on

  • Management techniques and strategies
  • Available programs and services
  • Taxes and estate planning
  • Markets and utilization
  • Wildlife and ecology
  • In-Field demonstrations
  • Hands-on experiences
  • Interaction with others with similar interests
  • Opportunity to question experts
  • Chainsaw safety
  • Pesticide Applicator certification

Newsletter offers

  • Referral to sources of information
  • Reliable information on local forest issues
  • Information on forestland activities

Satisfaction in being Part of a Movement to

  • Ensure the viability of small woodland ownership (no woodlot is too small)
  • Promote responsible management  of PA woodlands
  • Benefit  Pennsylvania’s environment
  • Assure the quality of our air, soil, and water
  • Maintain and improve wildlife habitat
  • Sustain our renewable resources for generations
  • Enhance SW Pennsylvania’s  unique rural character
  • Seek new avenues and opportunities for financial sustainability

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