Southwestern Pennsylvania Woodland Owners (SWPWO), a not for profit association, is an organization of individuals interested in sound woodland management practices which encourage the diverse use of forests for timber production, wildlife habitat, watershed protection and recreation and to promote this multiple-use philosophy through education and technical assistance for the benefit of the membership and general public.

Southwestern Pennsylvania Woodland Owners (SWPWO)

                                                                                                                            Last Updated on August 30, 2021

No activities have been planned for the summer.  Three site visits have been planned for the fall:

1. September 18, 2021.  Site visit to Rebecca Trigger's woodlands.  Rebecca and her son are the 2021 recipients of the Tree Farm of the Year award.  Attached is the description for this field trip.

2. SITE VISIT CANCELLED - October 9, 2021.  Site visit to Pawlosky Sawmill, Rt. 519 between Hickory and Houston.

3. October 9, 2021.  The Pennsylvania Forest Association Annual Symposium with the agenda attached here.

4.  November 6, 2021.  Site visit to Maple Hills Tree Farm, Clayville.

Additional details will be sent out through the SWPWO email distribution closer to the time for each activity.